Monday, June 6, 2011

♥♥ Hatyai Trip 2011 ♥♥

Yoyoyo~ I'm back ^.^ Hatyai trip was awesome!! The best part of Thailand is that everything is cheap, especially clothes. I totally lost control, bought a lot of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. And I still left 1000 Baht (RM100), I wish I could have more time. ~.~ I know I sound like shopaholic, haha...But how to resist? Those clothes we buy at Bangsar which probably cost us RM59, but at here we can get it with only RM10. Nice and fashionable shoes is only 99 Baht, 4 singlets for only 100Baht. @.@...Oh my~ Hope to visit Bangkok, who wanna go with me?

        Talk about food, as we know, Thai food is sour and spicy. Few restaurants at Hatyai are not bad, highly recommend the first restaurant went for our first Thai meal (Twenty thumbs up b(^.^)b , cause 10 of us agreed that the food there was the best throughout our trip). I love Thai tomyam, love their Thai salad and not forgetting the delicious coconut ice-cream. Slurppssss~ I think it's better to let the pictures tell the story =D Some of  the food are nice, some taste weird =S.

        The weather was super duper crazily hot and humid!! Sob sob, turned dark already. Hate the feeling of sweating and sticky. Ewww~ There were 2 things that I often get confused, which were the time and money. Their time is 1 hour later than our time, so everytime we needed to double confirm which time to meet. And our RM10 is their 100baht, I always confuse with this, noob! I also realized that I'm weak in bargaining... OMG! My friends said I'm not enough fierce and 'lansi'. I think I shall grade myself  a 'D'  for my bargaining skill. Hahaha...During the trip, I rarely seen any rubbish bin on the street as well as the mall and hotel, but surprisingly the street is cleaner than our country although we have a lot of rubbish bins on the street. 

       One thing that got me so speechless is that people there all think I'm Thai people. ~.~ A Thai aunty asked me whether I'm a Thai or Malay. *Speechless* I replied her, I'm Chinese. T.T...  Another circumstances was when me and 2 of my friends standing together at the beach, then a Thai lady approached us to promote souvenir. She talked to 2 of my friends with English, when she turned her face to me, she straight away spoke Thai to me. After that, my friends kept teased and laughed me. *Pitiful* Actually...I'm Korean mix Japanese. XD...

P/S: This gonna be a long long post. 

First Day


 Me ^^

 Officially reached Hatyai.

Cute motor.

Cute cute hello kitty bike.

Hello kitty pot.

Our first meal.
Remember this restaurant ya. 
*Highly recommended!!*
I miss the tomyam seafood soup.
nom nom nom nom~

 Full house.

 Me, Tze Im & Siew Ching.

Nowadays people. Haha.

 My favourite thai salad.

 Tomyam. ♥♥♥♥


Waiting to check in.

Beautiful chrysanthemum ♥

Hatyai view from hotel room.

After that we walked around Hatyai street and shopping at Lee Garden.
At the same time we also tried out some local food.

Don't know what this called but taste good.

Nice coconut ice cream.

 Cute shelther. XD

Huge cocacola.

 BIG PRAWNSSSssss~ 100 or 200 baht per prawns.
Meaning that RM10-20 each prawn, don't play play. =.=

Fried prawn, fried chicken, fried bird???? =.=


Special local food, mango rice.


Bird nest.

Weird food.
At first we thought it is pork ball but actually it's rice ball.
And  it taste...weird....

 Great handcraft!!

 Blue berry stick

Second Day
Went to explore the morning market.
After that, visited to a few temples at Hatyai.
Glad that we were able to visit to the Ice Dome, it was so fun!!
My nose and feet were freezing under the temperature of -15'cc.
Freaking cold~ 

 Me of the day.

Morning market.

Election of the country is around  the corner.

Who wanna buy me some roses? 2 years didn't receive flower already... T.T
(Only roses ok? I don't want the one at hanging at the top.)

Lasak flower?? Beautiful~

Long banana. Woooo~

 Chai Kuih.

 I love this. Yum yum!! Miss it.

 Colourful jelly.

It's not ice-cream car, it's yogurt drink car.

Dry mango?

 Tiny, cute but unfriendly little puppy.
It shown it's sharp teeth when I tried to touch it. Zzz~ 

Thai Bak Kut Teh. The taste is different with Malaysian bak kut teh, cause they add pepper into it. 

 Chicken rice.

 Wan tan mee.

 Next, visited to a few temples of Hatyai.

 View of Hatyai from the temple.

 Pity birds.

Bees on the lotus.

Ice Dome. =D

So so so hot! Melting~

 Loveeeeeee this photo ♥

Lunch time~

 Know what is this? These are the monies to donate to the temple. 

 Tofu with prawns =D

 Tomyam again~

 Nice one!! Fried prawn ball. ^.^

 Yum yum yum. Fried pork leg.

 Saw this dog outside of the restaurant.
The relative of tiger.

Dessert time.

 Famous tangyuan at Hatyai.

 Dislike  the ginger soup, but the tangyuan with black sesame really super nice!

 Love this too.

 Their you za kuih.

Colourful jelly.

Roti canai alike. Nice~


Thai mini private petrol station.

 Cute and noob, just like you. =P

Sticky rice burger.

Day three.
Visited to Songkhla temples and beach.
We also went for that massage at noon.
At night, we went to watch the Thai girl show,
which was the climax of the trip.

Songkhla beach ♥
Sunshine, blue sky, beach, sea and mermaid.

 Awarded coconut ice-cream.

 This coconut ice-cream got many layers.
The bottom was filled with breads, rices then ice-cream.
Lastly, corns and nuts on the top of the ice-cream.
Yum yum


Hide under the umbrella,
Hate the hot weather, 

So many sea shells.


See what I found. Tiny tiny little baby sea shells. Aww~ Soooo cute....

 Sea coconut.

 Salad alike Thai local food.

Lunch time.

 Again~ ♥♥

Nice traditional  Thai massage.
2 hour 240 Baht.
Damn cheap.

 6 girls 1 boy. XD

 He was so shy!! Hahaha.

 Talkative massagist.

Dinner time~
It's a gain weight trip T.T



 Nice crab.

What you about to see is the highlight of the trip. >.<
Last time I thought it is 'tiger show', but actually it is 'thai girl show'.
Before I reached the place, I imagine it's like a opera with ah gua performing on the stage.
It was totally different with what I imagined.
I think this place is for prostitution. =.=

 OMG the name. ZZzz.....


 See? See?

We were the first one reached there.

Luckily we didn't sit at the first roll.
I was so worried to be called up to the stage.
I kept my head low so that people on the stage won't notice me. ~.~

Swt!!!  =.=lllllllllllllllll
First time to watch porn with 100 over people.
*speechless & shy*

Do you know what is our feeling?
Before Thai girl show ----> excited.

After Thai girl show ----> Ewwwww~. =.= ZZzzzz...

Continued shopping after thai girl show.

Cute rubber shoes.

Day four.
Last day for me to shop. 
Went to morning market & night market.


 Tasty muachi.

  In the tutu car, excited!!

 Thai chilli sauce.

Broccoli pie

 Pineapple pie.

 Pork burger.


 I realized the liese models are different with Malaysia liese models.


Maybe I shall draw one for Zoe =D

The price of Swensen's ice cream at Thai is cheaper than Malaysia.

 What happen to Tick Hwa? Wahaha...

 Imachine = Ibeat.

Found these disgusting food at night market.
Want some?

I wanna go again!!!!!

Last day.

 Me of the day.

             Bye bye Hatyai. ~.~

Thank for your persistent to read until the end.
I wonder how many people will be patient enough to read until the end.
Seriously, this is damn long. *exhausted*

Stay tune for the next post.
(Another outdoor shooting)


  1. Your post is way too long for casual reading. You seriously need to learn summarization. XD

  2. hehe...coz i wanna test ur patience ma..hoho =D

  3. hello! i'm going to hatyai next week. any place you recommend for shoppinggggg? thanks! :)

  4. Dear Shirley, i love your sharings, you have a very interesting & attractive blogs and an undeniable ... sweet & pretty look that makes me wanna read till the end. ^^ Well donessss~~!! Thank you so much for sharing, it really helps give me some ideas what should i look for during my coming hatyai trip.